Gourmet Mediterranean's DarkSide Desserts
The Best Tasting Chocolate Bar None
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Gourmet Mediterranean Chocolate

Gourmet Mediterranean is proud to offer our “DarkSide Desserts” – featuring the best tasting dark chocolate treats derived from cocoa grown on sustainable growth plantations. All products are of the highest quality Belgian chocolate, from cocoa beans that are roasted with their shells intact, then conched for 48 hours.  This rarely used process produces a deeper, richer, more complex chocolate flavor.

We use no flour, butter, cream, dairy products or eggs – only pure Belgian dark chocolate, dried fruits, nuts, tahini (sesame seed butter), coffee, pure vanilla, and cold-pressed olive oil.  Hand-crafted with love, all our treats are gluten-free and 100% vegan.  And the taste?  Simply incredible! 
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