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For the last 15 years, I have been preparing meals for family and friends.  They have always encouraged me to go commercial.  I finally agreed and am now offering some of my incredible edibles to the public.

My emphasis has always been on taste combined with health.  They need not be mutually exclusive.  For example, I once tasted an amazing chocolate pudding, and after seeing how it was prepared -- lots of cream and butter -- I thought there had to be a healthier way to create the same result. I found one and humbly suggest that our OMG Dark Chocolate Spread can compete  on texture and flavor with any on the market -- without cream, palm oil or butter.

I am having lots of fun going from designing rockets for NASA to creating incredible edibles for you.  

Contact info@GourmetM.com for our farmers' market schedule or for inquiries and orders.

See you soon,

Michael Ross

Permit #: DEH2013-FCFO-000057, Issued by San Diego County, Department of Environmental Health, Food and Housing Division. All products are made in a home kitchen, under bill AB1616 California Homemade Food Act of September 21, 2012 ("Cottage Industry" law).
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